Cock & Balls Torture (CBT)

Don't Force Anything

Using or wearing a cocktoy or cockring should be pleasurable. Select an item that is comfortable. It can be snug but not too tight as to cut off blood flow. Do not force a cockring that is too small or wear a cocktoy that is too heavy.

Be Careful of Sudden Moves

The penis or scrotum can be injured by sudden blows. In the case of the erect penis, sudden changes in position, sudden jerks to the side or bending of the penis can rupture veins, cause swelling and pain. To alleviate pain, use ice packs. If the pain persists, see a doctor.


When heavy weights are attached to the scrotum, with or without a parachute, any jerking action by suddenly letting go can cause injury and nerve damage to the scrotum and the abdomen. When using weights, especially when the scrotum is warm and relaxed, slowly increasing the pressure is more pleasurable, safe and could result in the toleration of an amazing amount of weight. A parachute allows the weight to be distributed more evenly.


A catheter is a slender tube made of rubber or plastic and is inserted into the penis to the bladder. Once in place, the person in whom it is inserted will have no control over his urinary function. If the catheter is left open, the bladder will drain completely. If the tube is clamped off, he cannot urinate even if he wants to. Catheters are used in sex play to heighten pleasure.


Sounds are highly polished stainless steel rods with diameters ranging from 1mm to 15mm. When gently inserted into the urethra, they enlarge it and produce an exceptional stimulation. They can heighten sexual pleasure.

Know Your Limits

The dangers of injury outweight the worth of risking yourself to impress a partner. Know the warning signs to look for when engaging in a CBT scene. If numbness, tingling, coldness or blueness occurs, it is advisable to remove the item or stop what you are doing. It is safer to use a clamp on the head of the penis or on loose skin. It is not advisable to hang weights from clamps attached to the scrotum or penis. Avoid the underside of the penis shaft to protect the urethra. The safer type of clamping devices for the testicles are those which compress both testicles at the same time while preventing them from moving suddenly in the scrotal sack. Compression devices with larger surface areas are better than smaller clamping devices.

What if Something Goes Wrong?

If you've overstepped your limits during a heavy scene, immediately see a doctor. It is difficult to tell if you are injured by simply feeling or looking. Certain complications develop with some delay. If you experience any pain or swelling, it is best to get checked by a physician. It is far better to experience slight embarrassment than to risk losing a testicle.