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Bite the Fruit® is a peerless adult novelty boutique shop based in Washington DC that promotes healthy sexual and sensual exploration. We thoughtfully assembled furnishings that titillate, captivate, soothe, sting or whip in just the right way. Shop for quality toys, fetish, BDSM and leather gear for men, women and couples.

Only a fraction of our selection is available through our website. Let us know if you have questions or if we can be of service in any way. We strive to deliver friendly, discreet and prompt service.

Established 2012, Bite the Fruit® is an independent, gay owned and operated adult retail store located on the second floor of 1723 Connecticut Avenue NW. Our customers are caring, discerning and accomplished. We provide a safe, inviting and accepting environment to everyone regardless of experience, participation, sexual orientation or kink.

In our store, we offer adult films, erotica, how-to books and provocative apparel such as women's lingerie and men's underwear. We have products for the sexually adventurous, mildly curious and everyone in between.

Contact us with your questions, comments or suggestions. Let us know if there are items that you wish to see on our website. We aim to satisfy our customers.

Winner: Best Adult Store 2016, 2017 and 2018

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Why Bite the Fruit?

What if we choose to explore our sensuality and sexuality with heightened awareness? When Adam and Eve bite the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, they become self-aware, no longer oblivious to their nakedness. They begin to see the world as it truly is. Should this allegory be about sexual instruction, then the term bite the fruit is a euphemism for a sexual epiphany. We bite the fruit to become enlightened. We make ourselves available to a new way of thinking, a new perspective or attitude about our passions, about pleasure and intimacy. We consciously move towards love, eroticism and spirituality. We experience freedom and courage to venture beyond what we know.